Malaysia Awardee


I certainly never dreamed to receive this recognition and appreciation of what else in the Asia region. When I am writing or working on something, the most important to me is personal satisfaction. Writing poetry for me is a work of art, the art of literature to be enjoyed by readers and do not expect to receive gifts. However, I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers who have chosen me to represent the country of Malaysia to receive this prestigious award. This is a tribute not only to me personally, but also to Malaysia, a country that I love. Interest in writing began to emerge as early as 1955 at the age of 12 years while in elementary school. At that time I had begun attempted the interest and talent in the field of my poetry and short stories. However, because at that time I did not have facilities such as typewriters, the works that I produce is sufficient with a hand-written and circulated to be read by classmates. The main factor that makes me write is my own father, who always bought me magazine and newspaper. Secondly, is my class teacher who appointed me as the school librarian to allow me access to story books available in the library, bringing my passion and skills in writing much better. My interest in writing  continue to until down to high school, to college, to institutions of higher learning, both within and outside the country even during, the Iowa United States, until I work, occupying high positions in the government until now. I never stop writing and read or feel tired in the works. When I was in high school, my dad bought me a typewriter to enable me to keep on writing my works be acceptable, and get the attention of the print media, especially newspapers and magazines. Thus in 1960, the poems and short stories I began to get a place in the Daily News even indoors or pages dedicated to the students and young writers. Said care daily and monthly magazine at the time, made the papers I started to get a place in newspapers, magazines, Weekly Malaysia, Community Hall, Hall of literature and others. Works for more than five decades, I have produced no less than 500 poems and published in five anthologies owners, which I Female (1973), After nightfall (1984), Wet In Memory (1995), Finding Roots in Farm Explosion (2013), and Across the universe (2014) in addition to more than 30 anthologies along with other poets. There are a number of my poems have been selected to serve as a learning and teaching of literature in secondary schools, as part of the content in the textbook literature. In addition there are also others which have been selected by the Ministry of Education to be used as subjects of examination questions and Malay Literature for Malaysian Certificate Examination (SPM) and the Malaysian Higher School Certificate (STPM). In other situations, I often asked to write a poem dedicated to perform in certain events, whether at the district, state, and national. In 1989, I was asked to represent Malaysia in the International Poetry Festival Read on events in Yugoslavia Sturga Poetry Evening at Fort Drim, Struga, Yugoslavia. Besides poetry, I also produced short stories, novels, drama and studies produced in the form of articles and papers on literature and language, presented in seminars and literary gatherings in the country and at international level. I have also been involved in the movement of literature and language as well as several leading literary organization such as the University of Malaya Malay Writers Associations (PBMUM) and a committee member of the Malaysian National Associations author (GAPENA). In the midst of doing the job, I still have room to work. I will continue writing activities tireless although many of them did not confirm the time I publish. Finally, once again I thank you profusely for the event organizers, especially the secretariat has chosen me to represent my country Malaysia to receive this award, hopefully with this recognition and I will continue to be encouraged to write and produce many more works of better quality in the foreseeable future.