Laos Awardee


Today I feel highly honored for being granted this valuable award.


The Same Blood Origin is a story of the struggle for the national liberation in Laos for independence and peace for a long period of 30 years. In the process of                the struggle, there were two brothers of the same father and mother, each joining the opposite side of the politics, the younger brother joined the revolution and             the older one served the neo-colonists. The two brothers confronted in the battle field, by showing each other their guns. The younger brother served and protected the people, but the older one served his own greedy personal interest.


The struggle between the two brothers from the same blood origin reflected the truth: “Who will win?” At the end the just cause wins the unjust and the older brother realized the truth, became enlightened and joined the revolution and agreed to protect the interests of the people.


In conclusion, I highly wish Your Royal Highness Princess good health and longevity

And I wish all present here happiness and great success.


Thank you