Malaysia  Awardee


I thought of myself as a “get in and get out” writer.  There is a rational towards this perception.  My earliest poem was published in a film magazine way back in 1968.   I also got into writing noncreative articles in the newspapers.  However, my interest in writing did not last long.  It lasted for only 2 years. Only in 1985, while serving in the state of Perak the desire to write reemerged.  I paused again in 1990. Only sixteen years later, in 2006, I “reentered” it. Creative work, whatever their genre can never be produced out of vacuum.  And my subject matter in all the genres that I endeavoured – poetry, short story, novel, noncreative work, research, academic papers and general articles for the news papers, apart from translating creative works – from Malay to English and vice versa. I thank the Institute of Language and Literature of Malaysia and the state government of Perak for making my participation in international programmes possible. And of course The S.E.A. Write Award given by the S.E.A. Write Organising Committee with M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribatra as Chairman, crowns the prizes that I have won nationally.  Nowadays, I am in the third phase of my “get in, get out writer” in the creative writing world.  God willing, I wish to be here till the end.

My family and I thank Allah for blessing me with this award and at the same time wish to thank the 2013 S.E.A. Write Award Selection Committee which had chosen me as the winner of this prestigious award.