Singapore Awardee


The S.E.A. Write Award is a regional literary award and I’m very happy to receive it.  To me, today is an important and memorable day as this year marks the Award’s 35th anniversary which coincides with Bangkok being officially recognized ad “2013 Book Capital of the World” by UNESCO.  May I congratulate the people of Thailand on this honour.

Some writers say they write only for themselves and do not need readers  But for me, readers are important.  When I write, I always have an ideal reader in mind, with whom I communicate.

Who is my ideal reader?  My ideal reader is someone who has a good knowledge of literature, and has high expectations of me.  This ideal reader urges me on, encourages me and gives me courage, especially moral courage.

For him, I work hard to raise my standard.  I persist and sustain my passion for writing.

Literary awards make this ideal reader visible, and so every time I received an award, I told myself that my ideal reader is satisfied with my efforts and hence, I shall continue to work hard.  I thank those readers who appreciate me and enjoy reading my writings.


Thank you.