Cambodia Awardee


I think that life, very often, is similar to novel or even more than the novels. The relationship of humankind in work, daily lives, complex in nature of internal affairs of human, enthusiasm of all human world are a portion of endless figuring out of the work of literature and also for myself that I have been on the path of the literatures for twenty five years with full of drowsiness and sleepiness.

To be very honest with you, there are no S.E.A Awards event in my hope and my dream. But today, I am standing with full of impression. I am very proud and I am very welcomed to such the best and meaningful event in my real intention that we are all collectively together with fraternal and love with the books. And then we are going to understand each other for way of lives in our ASEAN Community.

I would like to wish all thinkers and writers to achieve “From One Heart to Millions Hearts”. May META, KARONA exist in the heart of every life of our community and in our world.

Thank you.