Laos Awardee


Human beings are also considered as the superior animals. The trees, the pastures and other existing things in the world are associated to each other, to share good deeds, make equally lives endurance and better improvement.

“The Kingdom of the flyers” is a short story of mine that described on the nature is being destroyed by human beings; the key actor acted in this story is the bee, the little insects that loved unity and peace. This type of insect never oppressed the others. They prefer to enjoy freedom in their own kingdom. Daily feeds of them are sweet pure water, collected from blossoming flowers. Whenever they were invaded by the others, they unified with the queen to fight against the enemies. It is recited; “The bees pay devotion to their nest.”

In conclusion the kingdom of the flyers, the land of little bees described for the main contents, Particularly, power of unity, gender role upgrading to overcome all types of difficulties and assist each other from the negative impact such as; the ruin of nature and environment that made by human beings until this period of time.

Thank You for listening.