Vietnam Awardee


Today, in Bangkok, Thailand, a peaceful and beautiful country, it is my honor to be here with you and to express my sincere thanks to Ms. Princess, the organizing committee of South-East Asian Literary Prize, for awarding me the noble literary prize with all of its honor, and for being here with other writers in ASEAN.


Literature in general, poetry in particular, is an endless trace for human fates in the fate of their motherlands and countries. From the trace containing happiness and misery, while going to the ends of their people, their homeland, its named and unnamed characters, poets and writers in any country will meet the human community.

I think, this moment right here, I also meet the part of humanity. And I am so grateful that this literary prize gave me that opportunity.

Again, I wish our Royal Princess serenity, wisdom and good health.

I further wish other ASEAN writers, ladies and gentlemen success and happiness.

Thank you very much!