Malaysia Awardee


I would like to express gratitude to Allah SWT for, without His permission, I will not be here at this glittering ceremony to receive this very prestigious award.

Indeed, this award is an honour and a very meaningful recognition for me which has taken a long journey of over 30 years of creative work, out of love for this field into which I venture. Indeed it is a beautiful experience difficult to describe, let alone to receive the award from His Royal Highness on this historic evening.

The noble effort of the Government of Thailand to uphold the literary of Southeast Asia by organising this award on a regular and consistent basis for decades past is much respected and held in high esteem by all countries in the region. Hopefully it will continue to motivate and inspire the writers of Southeast Asia to produce works of quality.

In the history of human culture and civilisation of the world, knowledgeable and visionary authors and writers are able to spark the intellectual awakening of a nation as well as become a driving force and strong supporter for revolutionalisingthe community to spread their ideas and thoughts into the heart of society.

The advantage and uniqueness of writers, as acknowledged by all the nations of the world, is their creative ability to interpret life through various multifaceted thoughts, to develop and improve the level of mental achievement, a nation’s thought and intellect, to build character, self-esteem and individual national identity, in parallel with other civilized nations of the world.

Writers can be said to depict the conscience of a nation or the entire human               conscience, as it is through their creation, that the aspirations, struggles, personality  and soul of a nation and the soul of mankind can be born and immortalised.

The value of a literary work does not merely lie in the beauty of its language, but also in the writer’s extraordinary ability to deeply understand and analyse              contemporary society with exceptional form and style of writing.

It must be recognised that the universality of literature, cannot be restrained by the madness of war. Not marginalised by the virtual world. Undeterred by different ideologies. By the passage of time it will not be obsolete. Not separated by borders. Not be penalized for wrong or right. Literature does not glorify or serve anything whatsoever other than to build bridges of humanity , creatures of the Creator.

In closing, I would like to once again express my utmost appreciation and ceaseless gratitude to the Thai government, the sponsors, the SEA Write Awards Organising Committee 2012, The Institute of Language and Literature (DPB) as the Secretariat of the SEA Write Award for my country (Malaysia), the Awards Evaluation Panel for SEA Write Award (Malaysia), friends and various parties that nominated me as well as my loved ones who constantly pray for my success and well-being.

Thank you.